Thursday, 1 August 2013

POP TEAM Where the streets have no name

Hi Groupies!
Today you have a new SIWAS!!!!! We say good bye to our last DT ladies: Carla, Tiffany, Lee Ann, Shelley, Noreen, Shanaugh, Becky and Lynn! And let’s welcome our new DT ladies: Rania, Jane, Kristin, Deanne.

Now the pop team is: Karen, Janet, Deanne and Rania, and the rock team is: Amy, Doreena, Jane and Kristin!!!

Let’s begin this summer month with the theme holiday-travel-trip…. Everyone here in summer does at least a little trip…so…let us get inspiration from these wonderful songs…

The first doesn’t need introduction…U2… their highest moment…. This video was shot on my birthday, on 27th March, in 1987 on the roof of a drugstore in Los Angeles :)
The lyrics

I would say that the title inspired me on this page I used some of my Disney photos from the California Adventure side of the park ...walking down Hollywood Blvd....good times in the park!!! 
Come check close-up on my blog:

I was inspired by the streets with no name…all those long streets in USA with no name but only numbers that connect one state to another….

I liked the line "I want to feel sunlight on my face" because it reminded me of our trip to Cuba.
Here I am enjoying the sunshine while taking a ride on the Catamaran.

The title inspired the use of map paper and I liked the line "only to be with you"

My daughters love travelling by train! At that photos we are travelling through the valley of Nestos river in Greece...what we can see out of the window??? ....thousands sades of green! I love traveling..." but ONLY TO BE WITH YOU" and of course you can see... what's the line I like the most! 


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