Thursday, 22 August 2013

ROCK TEAM Take me home, country road

Hi gals!!!!! Summer is coming to the end…. and maybe some of us are going back home…so this wonderful song by John Denver can accompany you…This song was born the same year as me….1971…oh yes…Melany is old :D

Good year for music 1971…many wonderful songs written in that year…Have fun….The lyrics


I took some of the words from the song and used them for the title for this page ..."Driving down the road.."
I go on a weekend getaway with all my girlfriends once a year and we stayed at this old country home and went horseback riding, got a massage and had a home cooked meal!!!
Please come check out my blog for close-ups:

I couldn't resist doing a layout about our cat who likes to find the warmest, cosiest spot in the house to sleep away the day.  To him it is almost heaven.

I know I know...I am a Pop Gal not a Rock Lady...but I love this song and....I hope nobody will be offended if I sneak here for this time :)
This is not a Virginia country road, because it was shot in Ontario but the road was beautiful the same...

The lyrics I used "Blowing like a breeze"

I was inspired to scrap a couple of outdoor pictures, more specifically
the view from our front yard facing the street (road) in front
of our house.

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