Thursday, 12 September 2013

Pop Team: Another Brick in the Wall by Pink Floyd

Hi groupies!
This week we have an emblematic song to speak about school! Maybe the most famous song of Pink Floyd … Year 1979…and it’s really beautiful
 The  lyrics


I was inspired by the words written in the page!
I am very fond of this song...My cousin made me listen to it, when i was only 8 yrs old. 
I imagine everyone knows that when Waters wrote this song, the wall he spoke about was the one that obstructs the communication between people! 

As a teacher I was inspired by my hatred of marking.

Being a teacher, I just HAD to create a teacher layout for this song!!
This is of my first year teaching in!!


  1. Gorgeous creations ladies! Hugs Amy ;-)

  2. beautiful layouts! what a great song to use

  3. I made a layout with this song as my inspiration but my Internet was out and it didn't make it in time to link. Oh well!


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