Thursday, 10 October 2013

Pop Team: Lullaby by The Cure

Let’s go on with the dark and gothic side of the music :D
One of my favourite song absolutely….Exactly the song on the sound i wake up every morning


My page was inspired by the lyric;
the evening sun and these photo's were just perfect.

I used the title of the song as the title of my layout

I made two LOS for this song- they both take the line candy stripe legs
the first LO is about the spider that lived on our window last year which reallt did have candy stripe legs

The second used the same line- this picture is Nancy dressed for Halloween and she did have striped legs.
i made a bakers twine web and used embossed web paper to fit with the spider in the lyrics


I was inspired by the pic, in which is possible to see a spiderweb Sorriso and by the phrase …softly through the shadows of evenig sun…..Sorriso
I love this song

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  1. Wonderful work again everybody, Karen, I totally love your spider layout, awesome colors and design !


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