Thursday, 17 October 2013

Rock Team: Thriller Michael Jackson

This was really one of my favorite songs and I remember how beautiful he was then Michael….before…all the things that came after….

A very creepy video for this weeks challenge:



This time I used part of the title of the song as part of my title oldest is such a "Thrill" rider on all rides ....and guess who usually has to ride the rides with him ...ME!!!
Now he is old enough to ride them by his self ...but old mom still likes to ride a few!!!
These pictures are from a few years ago from riding the "Tower of Terror" at Disneyland!!!

Come check out the close-ups of this page at:

Thanks for looking at my work!!!


We don't tend to celebrate Halloween in Australia so I've gone with a line from the song which works well for my sunset photo.  I love this time when the earth is still and we are caught transfixed between the end of day and the beginning of night.

I was inspired by the lyrics: "You see a sight that almost stops your heart".
It reminded me of the time I walked into my daughters room and found her lying down with her head hanging over the bed, her long hair flowing down. The sight of her like that totally scared me and I felt like I was going to have a heart attack!

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