Thursday, 19 December 2013

Rock Team: All my Love Led Zeppelin

A beautiful song by Led Zeppelin, their last album…the song seems devoted to Robert Plant’s son who died very very young….
The music is very beautiful…


This song is all about love and how it effects you in life and how you carry on with your life....we release balloons up to heaven to my son that died and he would have been 10years old this last year ...he is missed!!!
But you go on with life and it makes you grateful for everything you have in life!!! 
I used a line from the song as my title ..."To chase a feather in the wind"!!! 
Here are the close-ups of this page:


Nothing is more precious than a brand new life and nothing stronger than the love of a Mother for her child.

I created a tag for a Christmas gift. I used the word love in the title of the song.


This is my art journal page, made using the title of the song....every paint is handmade.


I made an altered canvas using the word LOVE


I made a Christmascard this time, for someone who is very very very special to me. We had a few thrilling days, when we heared that my love has cancer.. But everything is gonna be allright, and we are so relieved.. So I send him all my love! :)


An art journal page for this beautiful song, inspired by the color of the flames.
Hope you like it

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