Wednesday, 1 January 2014

POP Team: "I Gotta Feeling" - The Black Eyed Peas

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2014!
Hope you all had a wonderful New Years Eve and are ready to have a wonderful rest of the year!

With the new year comes changes.
Changes are happening here at "Scrap It With A Song" and before we get into the latest challenge I would like to give you a run down of those changes.
There are only 2 major changes but we are hoping that they are for the better.

Instead of 4 challenges a month we will now have 2: one on the 1st and one on the 15th of each month. The deadline to submit your layouts for these challenges is still the last day of the month the challenges were presented.

The Design Team is getting more involved w/ the challenges. Each member of the team will have an opportunity to select the song that will be challenging you. Because there are two teams, the Pop Team and the Rock Team, a member from each team will get to choose the song for their corresponding "genre" each month. Since there are more than just 2 genres of music we may get creative once in a while! LOL!  :0)
We are hoping that since the person picking the song will be different for each challenge that it will allow for a more varied selection of songs. Also, part of this duty involves the DT Member who selects the song to also write up the blog post introducing it.

That's pretty much it!

With that being said, let me introduce our first song challenge for 2014; a song selected by yours truly (Doreen)! Don't let the screen shot scare you! LOL!

I love this song!!! SO VERY MUCH!!!
It always puts me in a good mood and gets me pumped up for a night out!
Even if you are not one to go out and party the way this song describes, the main lyric fits well w/ any great night out whatever it is your doing!
Okay, enough of my rambling, let's see what our Design Team came up with (Don't forget if you click on the DT Member's name it will take you to their blog):

 I was inspired by the line "live it up", as well as the days of the week.


I was inspired to scrap these collages of pictures of my friends, my husband, and me at a party.
That night WAS "a good night"!

I wanted to play along this month with the "Pop" girls!!!!
I love the words to this song much fun and fast beat it!!! I was loving the part in the the song that says " Let's Do It!!!" And I wanted to scrap one of the pictures of my son running the ball during one of his football games much fun watching a sport that he loves to play!!!

Please come and check out my blog:

Hi all players on SIWAS, wishing you all a Happy Happy New Year and much scrapping fun ofcourse !!
The word "Jump" in this song reminds me of the photo of my stepdaughter during vacation in 2010 ! So a summery page during winter time :-)

 here is my art journaling page for this song that really inspired me!!! I love it and I was inspired by the lyrics lets paint the town and the song's title I got a feeling !!! so I made my background very very colorful!!! I hope you like it and that you will get inspired to play with us!!! happy new year everyone !!! 2014 wishes for happiness to all of you !!!


Happy New Year everyone!!! What inspired me this month was the party mood of the song! Last night for most of us was a big party! But new year’s eve is not only a night of celebration and dancing but also a night when resolutions are made. I therefore created this 4x6 journaling card where I wrote my personal resolutions for 2014. I’d like to use it later to make a layout of my new year’s pictures.

my children love this song- especially the woohoo part so that's what I used for the title. I used some photos from our New York Harbour cruise because that was a "good night"

I hope you will be inspired to join us!

And now let's see our winner
   Our fav 3 are 

But our winner is
with her wonderful Lo

Rita you will be our first Gues Designer.
Thanks you all and Happy New Year to Everyone.


  1. Our first post of 2014! Looks good!!!
    Yay! Excited about the changes and looking forward to lots of fun w/ my Teamies!
    Congrats to the faves and the winner!

  2. Thank you for the Top 3 picks! Looking forward to playing along again. Happy New Year to you!

  3. Congrats everyone and great work girls!!!

  4. thanksssssssss
    I'm very happy!!!!
    great beginning of year!

  5. Happy New Year to you all at this song!! And the DT work is amazing xxx


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