Saturday 15 February 2014

ROCK Team: "Who Knew" Pink

Hi is my turn to choose the song for the Rock Challenge
My song is  "Who Knew" by Pink ...
Here is the link to the lyrics Here

 And this is the video:


Have fun with this song!
Please link your projects before February 28th

Here is what the Design Team did with the challenge:


Trying to get thru some our fun Disney photos from our last trip of the whole family in front of the castle...hoping the boys "Remember" what fun we had in that magical place!!!

And here is a link to close-up on my blog:


I used some words of the text to evidence my youth memories.


I used the phrase "Count your blessing" This is a pic of my son, born 11 weeks before and he was back then a very little one.. Now, 5 years later, he is a healthy big boy, so I count my blessings with him! 




These are the words of the beautiful song of Pink that have inspired me:
"You took my hand
You showed me how
You promised me you'd be around..."



This is my page. I used the word "Fool" to make this page dedicated to Venice Carnival.


Guest Designer


Have fun with this challenge!

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