Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Photographing your layout easily

Hi ! Caroline today on the blog. Today I'm giving you a few tips how to easily take the picture of your layout with an iPhone. There is no need of special equipment and fancy set-up to have a nice picture of your project. Here what I do.

With all the mixed media technique and watercolour effect sometime the corner of my page riffle a little bit. When it happen I use non permanent tape and stick my LO on a bigger surface, today I used a "pizza" box I just receive from my favourite scrapbook store full of goodies.

After I bring my set-up to the place when I have the most sun, most of the time I go in my sunroom, the more natural light, the better it is. I put my LO not directly in the sun to avoid shadow and on the floor, I found that this angle make the better photo. After I put my photo setting on Square (carré) so I don"t have top crop it after and I take a few shot.

After I use an app, ColorStory, to edit easily my picture, this app is really user-friendly. There is a lot of pre-made filter to adjust your photo. You can also crop if your need to. There is many other app available for little price.

and voilĂ  my photo is ready to go online !


  1. GREAT tips.... Thanks for sharing :)!!

  2. This looks so beautiful ♥



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