Sunday, 26 June 2016

Meet our July - December 2016 DT

Hello everyone!
First of all, THANK YOU  to all of you who sent an application and
showed interest in the SIWAS Design Team.
 I was blown away by all of the talent that was displayed by the applicants ♥
I was so happy that so many were interested.

So, this is the SIWAS Design Team for July - December 2016:



Hello there, my name is Giorgia - a.k.a. Jò in Wonderland - I'm 33 and I'm Italian.
I' m the owner of SIWAS blog.
I scrap from 6 years: I love playing with papers and all those lovely embellishments, colors and preserving memories.
I mostly make layouts, but I love to try cards, mini and off the page projects too.
Scrapbooking is my happy place!
I'm actually on Scrap it With a Song DT, Docrafts DT and CreaFamily DT.


My name is Sharon and I am DT and blog coordinator here in SIWAS.
I have been married for 42 years to the man of my dreams and my best friend.  We have a daughter and a son that are both grown and out on their own. Our daughter has given us two beautiful grandchildren.  A boy age 20 and a girl age 11.  I scrap my family and our travels.  My family loves looking at my scrapbooks. I have been scrapping now for close to 20 years.  I usually scrap clean linear type layouts.  I have been trying to do more layering and using some mixed media products too.  I love music and was very interested in joining the team here at SIWAS.  Such an interesting perspective to scrap with ideas from songs whether it is lyrics or just the way the music makes you feel.  Anything can be used for inspiration and I hope it will improve my layouts and also help inspire others too. I am very honored to be chosen to work with the wonderful ladies on this team.


Hello everybody, I'm Monia Fiocchi, I'm 37, I live in Bologna - Italy.
I am part of SIWAS DT from a long time and I hope to continue with this awesome blog!
I began with scrapbooking 4 years ago and I love to experiment and try new techniques of this amazing hobby.
I found out that music can inspire a lot of wonderful scrapbooking projects and I love to inspire you with mines!


Hello, my name is Astrid and I am from The Netherlands. I'm on SIWAS DT since September 2013 and I am still in love with music as inspiration for scrapbooking.
I began scrapping in 2004 when I bought a scrapbooking magazine,  I became more interested in scrapbooking in 2006 when my son was born and a new passion was born too, lol.
In the last few months I'm experimenting with paint, watercolor and stamps . I love trying new techniques.
We have a lot of fun challenges for you here and we hope to see you play along.


I am a French woman who lives in Brittany in France, married and mother to teenager boy. When I am not working, I love to scrap. I have always been creative, but I really started scrapbooking a few years ago when two friends of mine showed me their scrapbooking work. I love to work with a lot of papers, stickers, ink and others embellishments. I don't have my own style, I like to do different things. I am so happy now to join "Scrap It With A Song" Design Team. To see more my work, visit my blog "L'Encre Et Scrap".


Hello, I'm Melody.  I consider myself a graphic artist with a MBA in Marketing. When our 5 children were younger, I cross-stitched, did a bit of sewing, painted t-shirts and sold wood cut-outs at an antique mall booth.  Since operating my own antique mall for 5 years, I learned to lay ceramic tile as well as acid stain cement. I acquired some great antique and architectural pieces and now have Rent My Vintage, an event styling business, mostly decorating for weddings. My husband of 28 years and I are enjoying being grandparents (in May of 2016-we will have 7 grandkids), and currently I babysit our 5 year old grandson. A good learning experience was a 100-page commissioned scrapbook for Miss Rodeo New Mexico that was completed in 90 days! Next up is a digital swim team scrapbook. I hope you all have fun scrapping along.



Hi, my name is Caroline Ducharme I'm from Montréal, Canada. I'm a mom of a 10 years old little girl, Arielle, I described myself as a pug lover, geek, techno addict, I love scrapbooking, craft and everything girly ! I've been a scrapbooker for now 10 years, I don't know where to put my album anymore :). Music have a big part in my life, I love going at concert and it's a big inspiration for me in my art. You can find me on my blog at and on my YouTube channel.


I'm Lauren and I'm from Philadelphia, PA.  I have been married to my husband, Mike for 8 years.  We have two fur babies, Rocky the Boxer and Daphne the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  I work as an Account Manager for Jostens Yearbook Publishing Company.  I've been scrapbooking for the past 14 years.  My other hobbies include reading, photography, gardening and cooking. 


Hello everyone, I Kriszti , I live in Hungary , a small country in Central Europe
I was so lucky to be here in this fantastic blog!
I live my fantastic husband and us beautiful daughter, Fanni .
I have been a very addicted to scrapbooking 2013th
When you do not take care , or playing a family, find the cooking, baking, gardening and, of course , papercrafting.
I want to take us by documenting the unforgettable moments of joy , so that I can relive those precious moments from time to time. So minibooks or scrapbook pages is a lot of fun for me
It always come good for creative solutions to make life easier.


Hi, I am Elisabetta, I am 57 and I am Italian, I'm married and I have a daughter nearly 24 years. After many years of work now I am "FORCED TO REST" and luckily that for several years I dedicate myself to scrapbooking. I love it so much that I have two blogs and two facebook pages that I take care personally. I also like the mixed media, watercolor and color with copic. In my spare time as well as scrapbooking I dedicate myself to reading books, going to the cinema and to the theater. But scrapbooking remains my great passion and helps me get through even darker moments.


My name is Khristina and I live in the United States with my husband and three amazing children. I am a Registered Nurse and also spent nearly ten years teaching middle school and high school students through the Teach for America program. I have been a crafter and scrapbooker since I was a child and taught in a scrapbook store throughout college. I love to complete traditional layouts as well as pocket scrapbooking spreads along with cards, home, and party décor  with my supplies. One of the things that I enjoy the most is using my supplies in new and creative ways. I love to meet and network with crafters from around the world and am really looking forward to working with all of you to push the creative envelope and try new things. Please come check out my blog or You Tube Channel. I can't wait to get started with this amazing and talented group!   


 Hi my name is Maya, Chiao-Yu Yang is my mandarin name. I'm a passionate scrapper, craft designer, blogger, and traveler based in Taiwan, a subtropical island in Asia. My individual creative style comes from my inspirations such as, my travels, life experiences, beautiful natural elements, and encouraging/motivating words. I love telling stories through my projects. Also I'm a big fan of mixed media in combining different materials. More so a cocktail of imagery and joyfulness.You are welcome to visit my blog and Youtube channel. ☺

We want to thank our leaving DT members Tynke  and wish her all the best. Thank you so much for all your work here at SIWAS, you were part of this family for many years and you know our doors are always open for you! You rock Tynke, we love you!

We all hope you  will like our works and will have fun playing with us.
Please come back on July 1st for the first reveal of the brand new DT and our challenges for the month.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Prince Tribute

Hi there, it's Astrid here with you today sharing a special blogpost.

As some of you maybe know, I am a huge dedicated Prince fan since 1984. I was 14 years old at the time that Purple Rain became a big hit. I bought the LP and played it out loud in my room, then I watched the  Purple Rain movie and I totally fell in love! My room was full of posters which were kissed goodnight every night.

I must confess that the past years I didn't listen to his music and also didn't had any cd's, but if someone would ask me who was my favorite artist, I always would say; Prince.  So the news that he died last April hit me right in the heart, more than I would have ever known.
I cried cried and cried many "purple" tears, I just couldn't stop. I loved this man, his music and his personality since I was a teenager , I was totally surprised about my own reaction to it. I guess he had more influence during my teenage years than I probably knew.

To handle my grief, I started to make scrapbooking layouts about him, using songtitles of my favorite songs as title for my pages, ofcourse I will keep them together in a purple album. Well I guess it will take some time before I finish all my pages with favorite songs, lol, there are so many. So starting with the first layout I wanted to share with you and song;"Sometimes it snows in April"

This song has a special meaning since April ;

"Sometimes it snows in April,
  Sometimes I feel so bad, so bad
 Sometimes I wish, life was never ending
 And all good things, they say, never last..............."

There were two kind of people in the 80's (and there still are) , or you was totally in love with this man, or you we're thinking that he was weird. Well as a dedicated fan, I would love to share a little about his life with you and maybe, at least I hope,  some of you will change their mind of him being weird.

He was born on June 7th 1958 in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA, he started playing music at a very young age, he teached himself how to play the piano at the age of 7, as an escape from a turbulant household. The first music he could play at 7 years, was the themesong from Batman. His parents divorced when he was 10 years old, after that he was moving from his mother, to his father and finally to a schoolfriend.
He became most famous in the 80's during Purple Rain. After having several girlfriends, he finally found the love of his life in 1990 during a concert in Germany,  Mayte Garcia. She was only 16 at that time, so he waited untill she was 18 and took her on tour as one of his dancers, they fell in love and got married on Valentinesday in 1996.

"The most beautiful girl in the world" he wrote especially for Mayte;

"Could you be the most beautiful girl in the world?
It's plain to see you're the reason that God made a girl
When the day turns into the last day of all time
I can say, I hope you are in these arms of mine
And when the night falls before that day I will cry
I will cry tears of joy 'cause after you all one can do is die, oh............"

And another wedding pic of Mayte (she's so pretty) ;

"There's a spark of magic in your eye
Candyland appears each time you smile
Never thought that fairy tales came true
But they come true when I'm near you........" 

"Let's have a baby" , another song he especially wrote for Mayte ( I must say that they we're just the cutest couple, and just perfect together, he wrote so many songs for her, about her, their love together and his love for her ) ; 

"I cannot lie when my hand is on your thighs
I'm thinking, isn't it a miracle that life comes from inside ?
So long I have listenend to your voice
Wonderin' what it would sound like coming from a girl or a boy
Isn't it funny that when you're truly in love
How just the thought of such things can bring you so much joy ? "..............

Soon after their wedding, Mayte became pregnant and he wrote the song "sex in the summer", which features the ultrasound heartbeat of their unborn child, so beautiful................I still can cry.

"Can't you feel the new day dawning? All believers will see
An end to suffering and every disease
Every waking hour will soon be spent kissin' each other
Angelic sisters and brothers
Clap your hands for one another, we'll be havin'................."

Their son, Boy Gregory, was born on October 16th of that same year, but died, only one week old , during Pfeiffer Syndrome. After that there was a miscarriage and because of the  losses of their two babies, they broke up together, they have wanted a big family and already decorated a playroom in their house and a playground behind the house for their future children. It was too much for them as a couple and they couldn't handle the grief together anymore. They divorced in 2000.

The song "Comeback" (so beautiful I can cry again) he wrote about the loss of his baby boy;

"Spirits come and spirits go
 Some stick around for the after show
 Don't have to say I miss you
 Cause I think you already know............."

Prince never recovered from the loss of his son. Soon after this loss and the divorce,  Prince's father and mother died half a year after eachother.  After that he became a Jehovah's Witness, and I probably can understand that, I think he found some love at their church and probably they helped him to handle with the loss of everything. Well he married again, broke up again(unfortunately he also didn't had any kids with his second wife) , but he always took himself away with his music which he already did when he was a kid. It makes me kind of sad that his life ended all alone, while he gave so much to us, fans, and if it can't get any worse; he died in an elevator, and was found after 6 hours !!!! That's what hurt me the most..................
The overdose of painkillers which killed him, he took because he had a serious hip issue. He needed a double hip replacement in 2010, but because of his religion he refused to have blood transfusion during surgery, so he had some surgery, one with no needed bloodtransfusion, but it didn't turn out to relieve him from pain, which was caused during the years dancing and jumping on heels and do splits, that's why he went on painkillers, which finally killed him...................... I feel very very sad about this, I wished he had that big family full of kids which he wanted so badly. I hope my story will give you another look at him of not being weird, but just normal human like you and me.

I want to thank Giorgia, for letting me do this special post, it has meant a lot to me.  Prince has left a beautiful legacy of music for us , which I am so thankful for.  All that left me to say is rest in peace my beautiful one, forever in my heart <3

Well thank you so much for taking a peek ! If you are interested in seeing more pages about Prince, you can always check my blog HERE . And, if there are any Prince fans out there who read this blogpost, I would love to get in contact with you, always great to share memories.

Thanks, xoxo Astrid

Saturday, 18 June 2016

June video tutorial

Hello everybody, Aya here with a new video tutorial for you.

I am on the rock team, and our June song is Foo Fighters - Best Of You: I was inspired by images on song video and I created this mixed media canvas.
I used crocheted doilies and cute dolls to create a fairy garden:

Here it is the how-to video (it is in Arabic but you can easily follow it). Thanks for popping by today, I hope to have inspired you!

Remember to come back to the blog on June 23rd for a special post by our lovely Astrid!

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

June Mid Month Reveal

I know I say this every month but look how time flies!   I am into summer.  I love hot days and days that the sun shines for hours and hours.  Do you?  I know it is not summer for everyone.  So what is your favorite time of the year? This is what our challenge site is all about.  We are all so different and from so many parts of the world. Different times and different seasons, but one of the things we all have in common is music.  Granted we speak different languages and live in many different places, but music (the melodies) makes all of us stop and think about our good times, sad times, or just time in general.  Because music invokes feelings, it can help us in our scrapbook adventures as well.  So lets SCRAP!  Yes it can be any type of project either paper or digital  all are welcome.  It can be a layout, a card, really anything you choose.  Are you ready for the songs we have chosen for June?

Check out our Mid-Month Reveal

Rock Song

Pop Song
MIKA - Staring At The Sun 

The Rock Girls


The best of you... perfect match for this layout!! I love our motorbike trip. Beautiful Soraya Maes class at Scrap2days event in Italy


I was inspired by the images on song's video. Please come back on 18 to discover how I made this project.

The Pop Girls

Staring at the Sun, by Mika was the pop song that inspired this layout. It is a life documentation of our wonderful Memorial Day weekend getaway to Ruidoso. While there, we made a day trip
on the motorcycles to nearby Cloudcroft...the sun in the mountains was so enjoyable!

I used the title of the song as my inspiration.  It is summer in the sun.  I love sunshine and these pictures fit that totally.

Let's talk about prizes:

  • If we have at least 7 entries you will be in the running to win our special prize:  a voucher of €7 kindly donated by our permanent sponsor: Avec les mains

  • One random winner will win this prize RAK kindly donated by our DT Member Monia

  • The design team will pick their favorite project and ask the designer to be our guest on the blog in an upcoming month

Link up your project(s) in the linky tool on top right of the blog to be in the running to win!