Thursday, 11 July 2013

Greetings from Melany

Hi groupies :)
I am Melany, the new admin of SIWAS! Tiffany and Carla have decided to move on from this beautiful blog and we really thank them all together for the wonderful work they did!
i hope to make a good job….almost like theirs!
The first thing i made, as you can notice is a restyling of the blog….BUT…in these changes, i committed a fatal mistake….
I deleted (and i an assure it won’t be repeated) the entries of July…i remember there were 3 entries….
I would like the ladies, to link again their works…and accept all my excuses :(
In the next months some news will happen! So stay tuned and link your work till the end of July….
Hugs from melany :)


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