Thursday, 29 August 2013

POP TEAM Sunshine reggae

hiiiiiiiiiiii Groupies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
The summer is almost at the end…I hope you have enjoyed the songs chosen for you….
This is really a song from my youthful summers….The year was 1982…and this is fresh and relaxing as all summers should be….

Thanks for joining us at SIWAS! Stay tuned for the next month…News  is cominggggggggggggg :)  Melany 

The lyrics 

I was inspired by the title of the song

Another wonderful sunset in Ontario...Lake or Sea, sunshine is always wonderful!
Inspired by the word Sunshine :) 

I was inspired by one of the lines of the song. These pics were taken when we went on our honeymoon to Cuba. Of course, I HAD to smoke a Cuban cigar. (actually this was a "staged" pic. I never really smoked it! But they smell darn good!!!)

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  1. Ohh another great song just like Madonna, I remember so well from when I was a teenager !


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