Thursday 24 October 2013

Pop Team: Let’s celebrate Halloween with a movie cover art

Another news here on SIWAS…This week let us inspire by this beautiful movie art work. A very beautiful movie by Tim Burton. You can use the title, the colors, the songs, the characters…anything you want…Happy Halloween to everyone :)


 I painted this jar for Halloween.
It would be wonderful with a tea light in it on Halloween Night!

Because we don't celebrate Halloween in the Netherlands, I had to search for other photo's and so I thought that these photo's, that were taken on my boy's end of the year party at school with the theme; fairytale would be also perfect to be on a Halloween page :-)

I copied the spooky swirl on the poster for my LO about my boys and their friend doing science experiments at the Nemo museum in Amsterdam

I was inspired by the Halloween theme, the black BG, the orange-yellow-purple color scheme, 
the large circle, and the word "Nightmare"

A typical Halloween card....inspired by the Halloween pumpkins of the movie poster...
Happy Halloween to everyone :D

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