Thursday 14 November 2013

Pop Team: Friends by Aura Dione

A very nice song chosen by Rania of Our Pop Ladies.
I loved this song immediately Sorriso

I got inspired by the whole song and the meaning about friendship. I created this card for a very dear friend of mine


It was a real challenge to me to use one of the wonderful stamps from KennyK , but I like how it turned out. I was inspired by the title of this song; Friends, therefore I used a photo of my son and one of his friends.

The first line of the song says "free to be myself" so that's where I got the inspiration to do a card with the sentiment "Be Yourself"

I created this book journal for 2014 to keep track of what I read every month. What inspired me was the video of the song, the fact that the singer has a friend made out of shoes. So I did something about my material friends...books! The girl reading is a digi stamp by KennyK. Instead of colouring it, I decided to print it on fabric. Check out my blog for more close-ups!

I was inspired by the title and theme of the song. My best friend is my husband, David, so I created a layout capturing that.
I left my KennyK image mostly black & white, coloring it with a little bit of pink to match my top and the flowery accents on the layout. I kept the colors to a minimum because I felt coloring it too much would be distracting and take away from the overall layout. I balanced the pink and mostly black & white image w/ the title BG.

i was inspired by the line "share a raincoat in the wind"
the picture shows two of my children sharing an umbrella in the rain

About a year ago..something happened in my life and I felt that my whole world was distroyed! At that time my "friends" really helped me to stand on my feet... Since then...that song is one of my favorites...In this card I was inspired by  Kenny K digital stamp - don't you think that this girl  looks like Aura Dion? and the colours from the the kitchen!

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