Friday, 1 August 2014

POP TEAM : Happy by Pharrell Williams

Hi Folks!!!! Summer is here...and this is my turn to choose the songs!
For this Pop Challenge i chose a very nice song by Pharrell Williams
From "Despicable me 2" OST....we have....


Very dark sky in Scotland, waiting to take the ship to Oarkney islands.


So much fun scrapbooking Disney pictures the new Carsland!!! 
I added happy to my journaling!!!

Hey there ! I decided to use this photo of my son when he was three years old, he really really wanted this teletubbie house and asked it for our celebration of Sinterklaas, but I didn't buy it, thought he was already a little too old for it, but when he opened all his presents, he was so dissapointed that he didn't get it, so I decided to make a sticker list and every time he went to the toilet by himself he gets a sticker, when the list was full he finally got the teletubbie house and look at his face, soooo HAPPY !!!1

This time I decided to make a card which is all about being happy! :)


I found a picture of my three with big smiles on their faces and then used "happy as a repetition
around the paper.

Our Guest Designer

And now....
our winner....


with her beautiful Lo

I wanna also say to all our followers, we will have great news in stay tuned :D

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  1. Thanksssssssss
    I'm very happy.. happy... happy! :)

    Ps. I love this song!!!


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