Thursday, 26 September 2013

Pop Team: Getting Better

Someone really doesn’t love the school….
As told in this beautiful and famous song by The Beatles :)


For this song I made a Smash Journal page. I love smashing and when i have to celebrate a song, often I do smash with the pics of the band/singer and the reason for which i love the song! This song is on my favourite Beatles album "Sgt. pepper's", i love it because my mon (great fan of Beatles) gifted it to me. :)

inspired by the lyrics to make a LO about my daughter getting better at finishing her meals.

...inspired by a line in the song

Hi all, this is my first post as a dt member here on SIWAS and I already love it ! I was very honoured being asked on the team. For my first page I was inspired by this line; I'm doing the best I can" ,  I think it was perfect with my boys photo''s trying to get dressed by himself

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