Thursday, 19 September 2013

Rock team: Summer of 69

Hi ladies…are you enjoying your September?
Here there’s another challenge for you! This week we have the very charming man…Bryan Adams with the Summer of 69 :D

May i say????very sexy Bryan Adams :D


This challenge is from Bryan Adams "Summer of '69" it is making you look back on the summer but this made me want to do a page with all the new school supplies that we have bought Colton for school ...his new backpack and lunchbox ....good times!!!

Please check out my blog for details:


Couldn't resist doing a page for my Childhood Memories album.
  School really was some of the best days of my life ...

I was inspired by the song title and used it, w/ a little bit of a twist, as the title
of my layout: "July 4th Summer of 2013".  The song also inspired me to scrap a page
about a summer event.

I was inspired by the part: "Those were the best day of my life"!
This picture was taken on our vacation to Spain in 2010 we had a wonderful time there.
We all love the beach but who doesn't right?


  1. wonderful Los ladies, as usual.....I am very proud of my team :D

  2. Beautiful layout! Love the colors and the clustering. I am wondering though about "live"....were you intended for "life"?


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