Thursday 28 November 2013

Pop Team: Payphone by Maroon 5

Let’s conclude this month with a beautiful but a little sad song chosen by our Pop Ladies Rania and Astrid Sorriso

Here the Lyrics


What inspired me was the line “Even the sun sets in paradise”, which I wrote on the bottom of my layout. I took this picture on holiday. Those days spent away have been amazing, it really was like being in paradise! ;) But  obviously (and unfortunately) every day came to an end, as the holiday did.

Inspired by the same line as Anna above- "even the sun sets in paradise"


Great song !! I was inspired by the lyric; "you can go" and this photo was perfect for it, my son in a helicopter at our local amusement park, this is one of his favorite attractions and of course I used a digi stamp from KennyK ;-)

I chose a line from the song "Where have the times gone?" as inspiration for my layout.
It's a pic of my family in the 80's (but I bet you could tell it was the 80's by looking at the big hair!!)
*I'm in the front with the lacy collar

I chose a lyric from the song, "Where have the times gone?", and used it
as the title for my layout. These are pictures of my son in 1996, at approximately
7-10 months, and now, in 2013, at 18. I used a digi from our sponsor, KennyK,
to help embellish my layout.

I got inspiration by the lyric "I am at a payphone trying to call home" , so I made a payphone and decorated it with speechbubbles with blessings for christmas , as if I was in the payphone calling my loved ones to wish them Merry Christmas ...for more close ups and details please visit my blog..

I wanna wish to all our American Friends and Followers a very happy Thanksgiving.
Let's be happy with what we have.

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